Monday, 3 December 2012

Bus! What bus?

View from my (very dirty) window
I had to be in the office today at 8am and when I got there, it didn't take long for the instructor and the other 'student' to arrive. We introduced ourselves and it became pretty obvious that I wasn't the only Dutch person working for the company, the other student was also from the Netherlands, albeit a few years ago. Now, for anonimity reasons I will call him Mr Slinger (for obvious reasons to me and some of the people who worked with me in the Netherlands). 

Anyway, the first thing after introductions was tell a little about ourselves, which took all of five minutes and then we got to work: how to work the little board computer, which apparently is an extremely important piece of equipment. Not only is it a machine that tells you where you are on the route, it also sells tickets! And there are many of them. Very many. Fortunately we don't have to know them all: there is no train anywhere near here (the nearest is Stavanger, an hour and a half away on good roads), we don't deal with boat/ferry tickets either and the other three concessions in this province (Rogaland) are served by other companies and we don't sell tickets for their areas. 

Early in the afternoon I had to leave though, since I had a doctor's appointment. She checked my eyes, my blood pressure, my heart (by listening to it). She looked into my throat and I had to say Aaaah, she asked whether I could hear well from four meters, she asked about tremors and spasms and diabetes and after all that, she gave me a piece of paper that I need to hand in to get my driver's note. I think, they kept talking about my driver's licence, but that cannot be renewed just yet, since I haven't got my final course work done yet. 

When I got back to the office, the teacher and the student had already left, so I went shopping to get some food in. Now, if you have read this post carefully, you might have noticed there has not been any talk of a bus and that's because the only buses I saw today were the ones I took to and from the doctor's office! I don't know when I will start getting to know the routes, but I will find that out in due course. Tomorrow I have to start at 10am (loving this job so far), so it will have to be an early night (as if) for me!

Ha det!


  1. What a wonderful white view you have! I love it!

  2. Step by step it's all coming together, but slowly! Glad you passed the medical. Should be a bus there somewhere in the future.

  3. Sounds like a good first day. Hope your settling into your place. You will learn everything in no time. Glad things went well at the doctor.


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