Sunday, 30 December 2012


We needed to do the dishes first.
In an organised fashion of course...
My sister and I felt that even though neither of us is living in the Netherlands at this point, it wasn't necessary to miss one of the best Dutch foods: oliebollen. I have written about them before, but only slightly, so I thought it might be a good idea to do one again. And I am cheating a bit, because I thought it might be fun to show you the answers I got on Facebook after I told my friends I needed a recipe. Names have been removed and turned into initials. Since the whole thing was done in Dutch (apart from the last thing), it has been run in Google Translate. 

Using J's recipe-link for the batter here
Me: We have donuts prescription. No self-raising flour, no oliebollenmix, NO sukadeviezigheid, but with raisins and beer. Bring it on! (Basically we needed a recipe for oliebollen)

B: With beer. Hm. Well. Well. Uh. Well ... Well. No. Sorry.

Mara Jellema That do not shoot! (That won't work!)
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E: I use for years fritters mix and replace half the water with beer works fine and delicious (he uses oliebollenmix, which I didn't have)

After waiting for an hour for the dough to rise
the balls went into the hot vegetable oil
E: I only raisins for currants are hard and I'm also small pieces of apple in (Google Translate doesn't seem to like any verbs)

E: Success

J: ff Look on my posts, with yeast, but you can of beer instead of milk take part (ff = short for a minute, and again no 'using')

There were turtles and I think this is an alien!
J: In've been baking mix, ie, baking powder or baking soda or soda, all the same.

J: Das for the rise, yeast gives off carbon dioxide iok and mandate by the rice batter ... Blub blub blub (Das = It's)

Me: E: WE HAVE NO OLIEBOLLENMIX! I live in Norway and they sell not. We need a prescription from flour, milk, yeast, beer and raisins ... (the pharmacy would see me coming, of course I needed a recipe and not a prescription. In Dutch however it's the same word for both)

E: Then you follow the advice of J

The finished product! About 50-60 oliebollen
Served with icing sugar
Me: I think that it is indeed going to be. But how much milk replaced by much beer? Or just the beer and drink the milk used ... (Now, obviously I said drink the beer and use the milk: Google Translate again...)
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E: Haha can even replace half is good and the rest do you drink

J:  Drink half the beer and leave behind some milk, for if it is too thick
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Kay: The English translation of this is an absolute hoot, Mara.

I never did use the beer though. I will drink it instead!


  1. You did it....way to go! Now is Icing Sugar a powdered sugar? So it's a fried dough, sounds delicious. I am going to google this to see what I find.

  2. Oh, I'm so glad you posted this. It made me laugh and laugh again. Great fun!
    Use the beer and drink the milk.
    No, use the milk and drink the beer.
    What the heck, use water, then drink the beer with the milk.

  3. Great translation!

    Well..I say 'skol', or whatever you Norwegians (...) say when the get a drink. I will make my 'oliebollen' tomorrow. Hopefully they will be as tastfull as yours (well, I guess they are very tastfull, when I look at that photo!)

  4. I think I have never tried or heard about that ! We had a oisters, foie gras (both I don't like) and a table loaded of all kind of specialities !

    Was a very funny New Year's Eve and a very loud one too. In Southern France people are like the Italians ! lol !


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