Sunday, 9 December 2012


The leather band is Wuppie's and is there to remind me to get
him as soon as possible
Last week I went out to get some of my stuff by myself. Took the bus to the storage area and took it back home again. It took me some time to get everything up the hill, but I managed. I did however also have a wish to actually have some of my own furniture in my new place. And dragging a large seat on to the bus and then up the hill was more than I was prepared for. Step in one of my new colleagues...

Yesterday I took the bus to the storage area where he had arrived with his van. We started loading the bed, the chair, the weapons' chest (holding an airbed and a sleeping bag, nothing lethal) and boxes galore. We had to stuff and restuff several times, but we managed to get quite a bit on. He then drove me up the hill and helped me unload again. And I could start getting everything sorted at home. 

The first thing of course was getting the dvd-player up and running. It took some time but I managed to get it all done. And I only had to use two nails to get the wire to go over the door. Then I started to unpack a few boxes. But I decided to leave the Christmas boxes until today. After all, there are only four of them! Today I got going on them, but I used about half of all of my decorations. A bit much otherwise, it being not too big over here! It looks a lot more like home now though. Plus I got to put up my nativity scene. I made it years ago, but was never able to put it up. Not unless I wanted to go and find Baby Jesus every day, since Wuppie thought it was a toy for him to play with (or Mary or Joseph or one of the Wise Men).


  1. Your nativity scene is wonderful, Mara, and Wuppie is there overhead, where he's not taking anyone away from the scene.

  2. "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas". Great going, Mara. It's all coming together.

  3. Can't wait for him to join you. That is so awesome that the guy helped you bring some of your stuff home. That was so kind. Making it home sweet home is important!


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