Thursday, 1 November 2012


I was up early again this morning. This seems to happen more often now: when I am off and basically have time for a lie-in, I wake up early. Very annoying, but alas. Anyway, since I was up anyway, I thought I would tackle some of the laundry that had been gathering for a few weeks now. I had just plugged in the iron when the doorbell rang: my neighbour! He had locked himself out, whether I had a spare key? Well, no, I didn't. Turns out his wife had gone to take the car to the garage and they would meet at the supermarket. But he has great difficulties walking the distance and he needs a mobility scooter. Which was inside his house!

I phoned the supermarket to get them to find my neighbouress and tell her her husband was at my place and not to wait for him! In the mean time my neighbour told me all about short wave radio (never knew it could be so... ehm... dull), until the doorbell rang again and the couple were reunited. With keys!

I managed to get some ironing done, but also needed some food before I could pop some painkillers (it's that time of the month again), when the doorbell rang again. This time however it was expected: the man from the housing association to check out everything. He was here for over an hour, measuring, checking and telling me what I needed to do in order to avoid some pretty heavy costs! If I am lucky I will get some people mobilised to get rid of all the carpets, clean the place to a shine and get everything done before I shuffle of to the airport.

Because of yesterday's Hallowe'en
This afternoon another visitor is due: my social worker 'Miss Vavoom' will be making her final visit to me. All in order for me to deal with the accident which seems a lifetime ago! This time we will most likely talk about my upcoming move most of all. And we will do some evaluating or some such. I guess...

Other than that my day will be filled with more laundry, more packing and hopefully less headache!


  1. Love that ghost photo. LOL
    Glad your poor neighbor found a place to sit down while his wife had the keys and the car. Yes, it sounds dull now, with Smartphones and all, but I remember when shortwave radio seemed pretty exciting, and the CB radios on big trucks fascinated all the boys.
    Long ago and far away, Mara, but I can even remember when nobody in our town had TV.

  2. What a full day! Wuppie looks so cute in his costume. :) I hope everything, even the dull things, keep going smoothly!

  3. Apparently the mailman rings more than twice at your door, lol ! No sign of Halloween here this year, and my cats anyway would go on strike !


  4. This going to bed early is a killer. Sometimes, I am so tired, but I won't permit myself to go any earlier than 10 PM or I will be up way before the birds. BTW, 8 hours is about the max for me.

  5. Oh my, you are just so busy. Glad you were able to help out your neighbors. Hope your last meeting goes well. Love your cute little pumpkin!


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