Sunday, 18 November 2012

Melt down

At Pepperfly's
Pepperfly was here around 10.30am and she was willing to help me take some stuff to the second hand shop. Well, her own private second hand shop that is, since a friend of hers was involved in a church organised jumble sale! Well, giving it away to a shop that only fills its own pockets or to a church organisation that might do some good with it, I chose the latter. So, the books are all gone, the dvd's and some other stuff is gone as well, including a little cupboard (finally!). 

Then it was time to load everything up and first of course we needed to cage the two monsters, otherwise we would loose them! We caged them, and then started loading her car up. The last thing to go in were to be the cats. And I broke down and cried. Pepperfly cried along with me and we stood and hugged for a while. After I waved them off I went back in the house to get some work done. 

I went upstairs and wrote the post for yesterday, still with tears running down my cheeks. I then started one of those addictive games, but I couldn't play it. I went downstairs to find the phone and ring my parents. And I had a complete meltdown. I lost it, dropped the phone and cried like I haven't cried for years. My dad asked whether they should come over and I agreed.

A bit later as I was packing again, my phone rang: it was Pepperfly. They had enough cars, so why not have me use one for the week! They could take it over to me during the afternoon/evening and pick it up again next Saturday. Well, since my parents were coming, they could drop me off at my friends' place and then I could drive home. After having seen how the monsters were of course!!!

Later that afternoon my parents did drop me off at Pepperfly's and I was able to see how they were doing: Linette cowering under the radiator (she did that at my place for a long time as well), Wuppie under a bed somewhere. He did come out though to see me. It will take some getting used to for them, since there is also another cat in the house: a young stud called Mickey. But no fighting yet, so that was good.

Coming home last night was awful though: the house was empty. No Linette sleeping on my shoulder, no Wuppie complaining about not being allowed to go outside. But I know where they are and have a key and a car to go visit them again sometime this week.


  1. So sad....I leave Scruffy on Monday and it's for only 10 days! I'll join you in your tears. Those who aren't cat (-or dog) lovers will never understand.

  2. Good for your parents for helping their little girl.

  3. Oh, I'm so glad you get to visit them! I'm sure they are missing you, too.

  4. Oh yes, that must be very hard ! I don't even know if I would have had the courage, but once you are settled in Norway you will take them home again. The date is approaching !

  5. Glad your parents come over. I think a melt down sounds perfectly normal. You are making a big change in your life, it's okay to cry. ((HUGS)) One day at a time, on foot infront of the other.


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