Tuesday, 27 November 2012


Last view of the Netherlands for a while
It was early this morning: 3.30am early. But since I needed to catch the 8am flight and nowadays you need to be at the airport almost three days before flying, we wanted to be on time. After a small breakfast at the airport (I couldn't eat at home: it was 4am!), we made our way to the gate. I shed a few tears and I think my parents did too. I know it is hard for them: two daughters abroad. After saying our goodbyes I went through and of course the beeping went off again. Always the same: my bra. I had to go back, take off my shoes and cardigan and try again. But again: beep! They searched me and then decided I needed a bit more thorough search and then they took me to a little fold-out room (!), where I had to lift my shirt so they could see there wasn't anything but the bra that caused the beeping.

I made it on the way to the gate and with five minutes till boarding (it was a ten minute walk) I had to wait over half an hour before boarding, since the crew hadn't shown up yet! But they finally arrived, we boarded and about 20 minutes late we were in the air. Half full: it could have fit in a bus! We did arrive on time though, so that was good.

The coastal bus
From Stavanger airport I made it to Stavanger bus terminal where I then had to wait nearly two hours before the bus to Haugesund. It was worth it though: beautiful landscape, glorious weather and a great journey. Two hours later I made it to the Haugesund busstation. And there I found out it wasn't only the busterminal for travellers, it was also the busterminal for drivers and buses! In other words: I don't have far to go to work: 900 meters or little over half a mile.

View from the ferry
As I was at the busstation anyway, I thought I would meet my new boss. No point in going back and forth all the time. I met several of the people working at the office, but don't ask me to recite their names, I think I can only come up with one. My excuse: tiredness, Norwegian pronounciation and just plain terrible remembering names in general. Always have and I try to repeat names and still come up quite short. Anyway...

After that I called the owner of the house and we agreed to meet in 25 minutes. He said it would be about 5 minutes to his home, but he didn't count the fact it was uphill most of the way, that I am in no way anywhere near in good condition and that I had about 30 kg with me! I had to rest half way up and we arrived almost simultaneously. 

My luggage
My 'home' until the weekend consists of the guest room, a guest bathroom, a small living room and I can use their kitchen. I will just consider this to be a holiday, with added work! I will be fine and this Sunday at the latest I will be in my new home. So, tonight will be my first night in Norway, starting my new life. Wish me luck!!


  1. At least they didn't make you take off the bra.
    In Calgary one of the security people found a suspicious chemical on my cane (yes, on my cane) and they searched my luggage and X-rayed me because of that. Oh, and asked me if I'd been using explosives recently.
    It's always fun.
    SO glad you arrived safely, met your boss and co-workers, got to your temporary residence, all safely, although not without some strain.
    Lindy loves her new toy and sends you a happy "woof" of thanks!
    Luv, Kay, Dick and Lindy

  2. Good luck, Mara! You will do fine, I'm sure of that. And thanks for the story of the bra. It's good advice. (I guess almost none of my bras are beep proof, so...)

  3. Another transition has occurred.
    It will be interesting to read all about it.

  4. Phew what a journey - you must have been exhausted - I'm sure you'll soon get aclimatised though.

  5. Now I have finished with your moving and packing adventures and you finally arrived safe and sound ! What a tiring time behind you ! and emotional wise too. It's a start in a new life !
    I wish you luck and happiness !

  6. Having just endured two days flying, three planes but security 5 times, ( my sister was with us and we went with her to her planes) I can definitely identify. Airports are chaos, stressful and LOUD -- not to mention confusing! Hope you are soon all settled in comfortably.

  7. You made it, how exciting. I am sure it was hard for your parents to say goodbye. So tomorrow you will be in your new home. I wish you all the best!


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