Thursday, 22 November 2012

The list of things to do

The list of things to do doesn't seem to be getting any shorter. In fact it seems to get longer by the day! Which is annoying to say the least. Mind you, the big things are now crossed off: I quit my job and my current home, I found a new home for me and for my cats (thanks to new and old friends), I dealt with financial and other things and basically that list is done.

The list about the house however gets longer and longer. And I have decided to make a proper list of it, because breaking it down in little pieces is better than just saying: the house needs to be empty and clean. Because that will take forever. 

Fortunately my parents will be coming over today and help me do a lot of those small niggly things. And the more small niggly things I can cross off, the bigger my smile will get. Then on Saturday, family, friends and colleagues will come over and help me get everything organised, cleaned and cleared away. 

It is getting more and more exciting every day now. Only five more nights, four of those will be spent at my parents' and one of them at my friend C's house. In other words: last night was the last time I slept in my 'old' home! Yesterday was also the last time I worked for Connexxion Tours, even though I am still officially in their employ (that doesn't stop until the end of November). I handed in my keys and other stuff that needed handing in and that was it. Nearly 14 years (3 months short) have gone by in a flash. 

However, the list and the chores first now.


  1. Oh, you're absolutely right, Mara. If you don't have a proper list, how can you cross things off?
    Soon, we'll be headed home, and you'll be headed to Norway. It just seems like yesterday we saw you in Amsterdam, and yet we have been all the way through Germany and are now in Austria.
    Did I tell you (I think I did) that we're talking about fjord cruises now? Dick says we'll do it in conjunction with a trip to Britain, which we really have to do because my best friend moved there to live on a canal boat.
    Good luck with the cleaning and all. Will you have a chance to say goodbye to the monsters or do you think they'll settle in better if they don't see you?
    All the best,
    Love, K

  2. Way to go!!

    BTW, the flashes keep getting shorter.

  3. I am so proud of you. You are following your heart and that takes so much courage. ((HUGS))


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