Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Take it or leave it

Completely unrelated to this post!
I just liked the image...
Today I found some curtains. No use to me, but I knew the neighbours wanted new curtains for their upstairs. Since we have the same house, my curtains should fit their windows as they fit mine. And I told them: if they don't fit: chuck them out. But I have a neighbour of the very old school: you don't throw anything out, you never know when you are going to need it!

Of course my neighbouress just rolled her eyes. Her shed is full to bursting ever since he moved in with all his stuff and junk. He wants my large plant pots, she so doesn't. He wants my bike rack to saw in half, she doesn't because she knows he will never do so. 

Tomorrow I will take a lot of unwanted (by me, not him) stuff to the second hand shop. They can have it and might even make some money of it. I still have some things to sell, most notably 8 smaller and larger cupboards. So, if anybody is in the market for one, just let me know! Pick up only though, I am not delivering!!


  1. Well if you won't deliver, just forget it. :)

  2. I can burn them for you. ;-)

  3. What, you don't want to deliver a cupboard to the states? I think taking your items to the second hand shop is a good idea. Love the tree trunk.


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