Monday, 12 November 2012

The big wait

The sliding doors through which the passengers would come out
I was due to meet my Canadian friend Kay and her husband Dick today again, since they were going to take another river cruise starting from the Netherlands. I asked for time off, which I got; I wanted to loan my dad's car, which I got; and I made my way to Amsterdam.

I was at the airport bright and early. In fact so early their plane hadn't even left London yet (not helped by the fact it was delayed because of fog in Paris). Not only was I going to meet them, a fellow Dutch blogger would be there as well. And Kay had kindly shown photos of the both of us on her blog. Of course neither of us had bothered actually contacting each other and then making arrangements about meeting, so even though we were both early, we didn't see each other until we were both at the gate. And then we didn't even recognize each other!!

Anyway, as I mentioned the plane had left London late and therefore arrived in Amsterdam late. And then it took ages for the people to leave the plane, the luggage to leave the plane and the people to be reunited with their luggage. In the mean time Will and I waited and waited. We could see them both, even waved at them, but to no avail: they didn't see us! And we waited and waited. Turned out: their luggage was still in London! So, it took a bit longer before they finally came through the kissing doors (see photo) and we were able to greet them.

After that we escorted them to the train and from there to Central Amsterdam where their cruise ship was. We were allowed on board as well, but unfortunately all the delays had robbed us somewhat of time to spend together. Will had a bucket load of trains planes and automobiles and buses to catch and I had to make sure I got back before the last bus left for home, so we both left early. It was a shame, but we had a nice time anyway.


  1. I love the kissing doors! They are so cute! Well, at least you got to see Kay for a little while, and meet a new blogging friend.

  2. The best laid plans! Days like that can be frustrating.


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