Monday, 26 November 2012


Another early day for us, since today was the day the move was actually going to take place. At least as far as my belongings were concerned. At 8am, me and my parents were already at work to finish off the last few little things that needed doing. By 9am two more people had joined us and at 9.10am the moving lorry arrived. 

First it was time for coffee and after that we all started to load the lorry as soon as we could. And I must say, an hour later it was finished. Everything was on board and we were just enjoying a last coffee before the lorry driver would be off. Then my father yelled from upstairs: we forgot something! Turned out to be my printer that had been waiting all that time! Fortunately the lorry wasn't gone yet and we were able to get it on. It left soon after. (And then we found something else we forgot, that's life!)

On its way to Norway already!
After that it was time for me to go to the town hall to officially emigrate. I couldn't do it before, because it has to happen as late as possible. Twenty minutes later it was official. I am no longer a citizen of the Netherlands! When I returned home, two cars were full to the brim with more stuff for the skip, so me and my friend C drove down there to get rid of everything. She left soon after coming back home again, while my parents and me continued cleaning and clearing. By the time it was 2.30pm however, we had all but finished. 

So sad to see the empty house
I said goodbye to the neighbours, locked up the house and we drove to the housing association, where I had to hand over the keys. We thing the house and garden are clean enough, but it will be up to the housing association to agree with us and then give me back the deposit (with interest). I think I should be alright. 

We were back at my parents' at 4pm, all three of us tired and weary, although we all felt better after a nice shower. Tomorrow will be another early day, since tomorrow will be the day I fly to Stavanger! So exciting!!!


  1. Aw! It sure looks sad, this empty room. This morning I found a diary that your friends and family, even me, used to write in when they spent a night (or a few nights) in your blue room. (It sat in a bag with some books and other stuff...didn't you want to keep it?) A lot of good memories immediatly came back to me. We had a lot of good times at your place. And that sure isn't sad at all!

  2. Not a citizen of The Netherlands? Say what? You have to live there to be a citizen?


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