Thursday, 8 November 2012

Last day

Originally I had quit my job starting the 26th or 27th of November, but apparently it would be harder to calculate my vacation days that way (!?) and my boss asked me whether I would mind terribly that it be moved to December 1st. And since I had about 9 days left, I didn't think it was such a bad idea. After all, I will then only be without a job for 2 days!

Of course neither of us took into account that I had a day off yesterday and another coming up next Monday so I can meet Kay in Amsterdam. Which means there are only 7,5 days left! So, now I have to work until November 21st. Mind you, if the work load stays like it is now, I should be fine with the packing and otherwise there are always people willing to help me out. 

The upstairs is mostly done now anyway. My books are all packed and I am now working on those niggly things. Which basically means smaller boxes and a combination of things. Of course my desk still looks like a bomb exploded, but even there I am making progress. Besides that, every day I take two more boxes of paper to work to be recycled. 

Next week I will start on the downstairs and I fear I will need a few more boxes than the ones I already have. The amount of glassware, crockery and other assorted kitchen doodahs is quite staggering, even to me! However, I won't leave any of that behind and besides, I have already gotten rid of so much over the years: I had over 25 plates at some point! And nearly 100 mugs!!


  1. It's a pity that Kay comes next Monday to Amsterdam, if it would have been one week later I could have come too. I am in Amsterdam on the 17/18 because of Toby's 2nd birthday !
    You did a lot of progresses with emptying your home. Have you a place to live in Norway meanwhile ?

  2. 100 way! My husband complains about the 20 that we have. Glad your almost packed.

  3. Oh, the mugs multiply in our house, too! That picture of you is so cute. You look happy!


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