Sunday, 4 November 2012

Up north (or down south)

When I lived on Sicily working a summer season for Club Med, I got the job offer for the winter season: somewhere in the Caribbean! Whoever thought of having summer all year round is mad and I decided to decline. Instead I found my way to Tignes in the French Alps during the Olympic Wintergames of 1992. And I loved it! The snow, the cold, the snow. The only thing I did miss were trees, which I didn't see for almost four months! 

The Netherlands are not known for their snow. Ice? Yes. Snow? Less so. And if it does snow, everybody seems to get into a panic from second one. Public transport stops and traffic grinds to a halt. However, I like snow. That is actually one of the reasons I picked first Canada and then Norway as my new home. Moving North. Towards the snow. And when I look at the weather maps of the BBC, which just about show the Norwegian coast, it shows snow in the air at least. 

People seem to think I will be living all the way up north as well. Like complete darkness north. Well, I am not! I will be living at 59 degrees North. Which also passes through Alberta in Canada (yep, the same region I was planning to move to...), northern Scotland, Alaska. 

The map at the top of this post shows you where I will be living in that big country called Norway. The province is called Rogaland and is highlighted in red. And Haugesund is situated at the top left of the red bit. So, I will actually be living in the South!


  1. Living in the South of the North - or
    Southern Northerness - sounds just about right:-)

  2. Ed and I love snow, too! (I'm working on finding an Ed clone for you!) Last winter, we didn't get very much. But maybe this winter we will.

    So, it looks like you are doing some daily posting as well! :)

  3. North/South is sure a changeable boundary. For example, what I might call north in Ontario is actually south to many Canadians.

    As for winter, there is frost on the rooftops this morning but no snow yet except for three flakes a week or two ago. Snow does pretty-up the bleak landscape in winter.

  4. I wish you happiness. I lived with the snow of Chicago for 38 years and I am happy to be in Southern California now. I can be in the snow in the Winter in 40 minutes if I really want too! I didn't mind the snow when I lived in it and I think it is cool that you love it. Enjoy!

  5. It is a good thing we don't all like the same thing ;) and I wish you all the snowy happiness your heart desires in the south of Norway. My eyes are on the south of France where it doesn't snow much, I understand.

    I'm now in West Virginia in the US and this winter will probably bring plenty of snow. I like it for about a day or so, and not if I have to dig myself out, like we had to do a few years ago when we had 75 cm!


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