Monday, 5 November 2012

A break

With all the stuff I own that needs packing and all the things I need to do, I tend to spend most of my free time upstairs. At least, until upstairs is finished that is, after that I will probably move downstairs and continue all the fussing there. The things on my list have now mostly been crossed off or started on, so I am making progress. So far I have contacted the IRS, the Pension office, my GP, my dentist, the insurance companies and a few more things besides. 

One thing that I do not have to worry about as much is finding a new place to live. As of the 27th of November (that is 3 weeks from now!), I will be homeless as it stands right now, but last Friday I was contacted by a new colleague of mine who offered his help. And not only his: he got all of his friends and acquaintances involved in finding me a place to live! They know the area and might find something I would never have found. 

But with all of that, I still needed a bit of a break. You can only make so many lists! So, after having collected my medical history from my GP (not a lot), went to the dentist to ask for the same, I decided to take advantage of the nice day and have a hot chocolate with whipped cream and a lovely sandwich. There is this café in the center of Emmeloord that serves wonderful sandwiches and I have had this one ever since I first went there. Fried egg, bacon, onion, tomato, lettuce served with some curry sauce on a lovely bun. 

After having enjoyed that sandwich, I went shopping. The shoes I own are perfect for nice, but with the colder weather on its way here too, they aren't good enough. So, I got myself a new pair of shoes. I got hold of the salesgirl and I told her: black, with laces (probably), leather and sturdy! Oh, and not grandma-ish!! The first pair she showed me were ick, then she showed me some suede boots (with snow: right!) and then she showed me a pair that looked nice and sturdy. I tried them on and was resigned to pay nearly 140 euros for them, after all, it's hard for me to find good shoes, when she told me they were for sale: 100 euros only!

There is still a lot to do at home, but with some Christmas music everything moves along quite nicely and I am revigorated again.


  1. How sweet of your colleague to work on finding you a place. Sounds like a nice group of people your joining. Glad you found the shoes and on sale too! That sandwich sounds so yummy.

  2. One thing is for sure ! I don't want to be at your place, only for the break,lol ! Poor cats they must be traumatized, usually they don't like when everything is turned upside down !

  3. It sounds like you found some great shoew and are surrounded by good freind! Good luck in your home hunt.


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