Saturday, 3 November 2012

Fed up!

Dear food and cuddle giver!

I am not too difficult I think. I like my food on time. I like stale water. I looooove steak (you could get me more than you do now!). I enjoy a good bask in the sun, preferably outside. I like sleeping on your lap, in your bed, on your office chair, in your clean laundry. I hate the vet! See, easy!!

But what you are doing now is annoying me very much. When I sleep in your bed, that thing goes off and I have to leave the room. When I refuse you get the big noisy sucky thing and chase me out! When I sleep in your clean laundry you decide to get it all folded and stuff and I have to find another place. When I then find another place: your office chair, you need the little box and chase me off again....

Can you please make up your mind! 

Paws and cuddles,


PS: if you could stop putting stuff in all those boxes, so I can sleep in there, I don't mind either!


  1. It's a hard life for the poor kitty.

  2. Dear Wuppie - you may not understand it but it's all for your own good in the end. Keep smiling . . .

  3. Poor Wuppie, it can be confusing, can't it? You should be jumping in and out of the boxes, annoying your cuddle-giver all to bits.

  4. Humans are so strange and annoying, when all we want is a warm place to snuggle. I think your name 'Wuppie' is just the best kitty name I've heard.

  5. Oh, Wuppie, you are just too cute!


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