Friday, 2 November 2012

Good morning!

Taken from my "office" window
Last Monday I thought it was arriving, but since I didn't have any paracetamol at the ready, I didn't take any.  The headache didn't materialise. 

On Tuesday again it felt like the onset of a headache. But even though now I had the paracetamol at the ready, I didn't take any. And again the headache didn't materialise. 

However, on Wednesday it did. And despite the paracetamol it got worse during the day. Which was a pain (no pun intended), since I had to work in the evening! Football supporters, not my favourite. I managed to get the short trip back that night and then had to drive home. I felt sick and I started to get tired, so I stopped halfway to get some air and reinvigorate me for the remainder of the trip.

On Thursday the headache had worsened still. The visitors came and went, but unfortunately they didn't take the headache with them.

Now, don't worry too much: I know why the headaches. Other women get grumpy (apparently), I get headaches. Which in turn make me grumpy... Being a woman is a great thing!

So, last night I went to bed ridiculously early: 9.30pm! Which is ridiculously early in my book anyway. I knew of course that that would also mean I would wake up ridiculously early and I was not mistaken. Just over 8 hours later I woke up and I am glad to say, the headache has almost gone.

Good morning everybody!


  1. I am up early too and also with a bit of a headache.

  2. Too bad you're moving, we could have had Lindy stay with you and the cats. She has taken to getting up ridiculously early, too, and we haven't even changed the clocks back yet.
    Dreadful about the headaches. I'm glad they stayed away the first couple of days.
    Luv, K

  3. Happy to hear your headache went away! So sorry you have to deal with them.


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