Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Q is for...


Whenever I stayed in London with 'my' school, we stayed in a hotel that was not far from this pub. And this pub hosted a Quiz-night every Sunday. We actually were there one year when they had the quiz and we were (the six of us together) able to answer quite a few questions that night. We hadn't joined though, so we couldn't win anything.

There was a time in the past though, where I did join in. I was actually part of a pubquiz team. And we were the proud bearers of the wooden spoon. In other words: we were always dead last! But then again, someone has to be! We got questions like: what is the fruit of the rose called, what did Danish Ole Kirk Christiansen invent and who was emperor of India in 1890? I knew the first answer, but only in Dutch, which didn't help. I knew the second answer, but my team mates went with a different answer. I knew the third answer and we got that one right (they listened to me). So, without googling, would you know the answers?

This is the letter Q for ABC Wednesday. Why not join?


  1. Nope...I guess I got the Wooden Spoon and I'm proud of it..(:0)
    Would love to know the answers.

  2. Ouf ! The rose answer I only know in German, and the rest no idea ! Congratulations !

  3. I wouldn't know any of t he answers. I think you are extremey clever!
    Thanks for taking part in the ABC meme.
    Wil, ABC Team.

  4. I know the first answer, but not the other two. I love quizzes --but not in public. Too afraid of being ashamed.You are one smart lady, Mara!

  5. Sounds like fun...kind of Trivial Pursuit with drinks and friends...

  6. wooden spoon is Quite ok if there is soup around !!

    PhenoMenon, ABCW Team

  7. Is a rose hip the answer to the first one? Otherwise, I have no idea! But why is the word "quiz" spelling wrong on the sign? Too many questions, I know!

  8. I think I'd be part of the Wooden Spoon group! lol

    abcw team

  9. Only 1 out of 3 for me, pass that wooden spoon. There always seems to be a Quiz night on somewhere, there is a local one which it is worth attending just for the quiz master who is so funny.

  10. I'd guess Victoria for the 3rd!

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  11. Wow, I got the first answer, but not the other two. Way to rock, Mara.
    See you in a few days!
    Luv, K


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