Sunday, 25 November 2012

How to move...

My living room
It was 8am on Saturday morning when the first people arrived to help me clean, clear and carry. Which was a good thing, since even though we had done a lot on Friday and I had carried all those boxes down on Friday night, there was still an awful lot to do. My father was his pessimistic self: 'we will never make it' and I (who look a lot like my Dad in lots of respects) was more like: 'we will make it'.

Quite a bit of furniture made its way to the dump, in fact the trailer was stacked so high, I was a bit worried about police stopping them! Mostly it was furniture that was old, or decrepid or both. Plus carpet tiles, linoleum and lots more bits and bobs. By the time that was gone, the place already looked a lot emptier. Of course that didn't last, because we had to move all the furniture from upstairs to downstairs. I was still packing some boxes, I was helping with shifting things, I was getting lunch. My colleagues, friends and family in the mean time did a lot of heavy lifting and carrying. My friend Pepperfly and her husband took two wardrobes and a bed apart. My friend C carried all the heavy bookboxes down and was on my case to all the paperwork that still needed sorting.

Hard at work to make some art
In the mean time my Mum kept on cleaning, with the help of someone or other. The fridge was being collected, the washer was being stuffed in a car, as was the drier. Carpets were taken up, I nearly drowned someone (I had shouted to look out, when I emptied a hot water bottle through the window), my Mum kept cleaning and making coffee for the troops.

When I went home with C last night, I was completely pooped, even though I probably did the least amount of work! After some good pancakes and three glasses of lovely wine (it could have been vinegar, but it contained alcohol, so I was happy), both me and C hit the sack, we were both done with for the day.

Guess what this is...
Today was a bit different. Yes, I woke up early, but was able to read a book before family mayhem started. Then we spent a big part of the morning doing crafts, using small plastic thingies to make an image, then ironing over it (C's hubby) and ending up with a lovely little momento. I made a tulip and the Norwegian flag. It was a great way to spend the morning. Four of us (trying to) doing that and one watching television. And then later that afternoon, despite the storm, they took me to my parents. I will see C again tomorrow, when the mover will arrive. It's getting really close now!


  1. Good to see you had such a lovely and relaxing time at C's.

  2. So glad you had such great helpers and that you were able to relax and have some wine!


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