Friday, 3 August 2012

An apple a day

It was time for the annual trek to the vet again. Even if I have seen the vet nearly every single month this year (and have the vet bills to prove it)! A friend of mine was supposed to come over to drive us there, but she phoned half an hour before we were due at the vet and she had a 45-50 minute drive to do first! I took my bike.

Of course the cats didn't like it when I got the cat carrier out and decided they would try and stay out of my way. As if that ever helps. Linette usually flees and if she doesn't flee, she will make herself as small as possible: that way I can't see her! Yeah. Wuppie is easily duped as well: just open the garden door and he will come down. By the time he realises that he is not going out, he is already in the carrier. 

Not a recent photo, that's why is ear still looks good.
I strapped the single carrier to the bike and rode to the vet. After only a few moments (admiring a chihuahua puppy, so cute) I was called in. First of all it was Linette's turn. Now, she has always been a bit of a skinny Linny (see what I did here?), but she does stay more or less at the same weight. Her teeth were fine, her breathing was fine, no fleas, in with the vaccinations and back she went into the carrier.

Then it was Wuppie's turn. A bit bigger than Linette, but it turned out he had actually lost a bit of weight. About 4%, which doesn't seem a lot, but he is of course a cat and not an elephant (imagine having an elephant on your lap). His ear was clean and again the vet told me he was going to leave it as is. His age, his not being too bothered by it and the massive operation all going against it. As long as I keep his ear clean: not a bother.

So, I got them back home again, gave them some worm-medication and opened the garden door again. They are pronounced okay for another year!

PS: they don't like apples, perhaps a wriggly worm, but not apples!


  1. What a relief to have that over and done with - a bit (lot) like I feel about the dentist!!

  2. Carrying two cats on a bike to the vet ... you earn a gold medal !

  3. What a great idea, putting them both in one cat-carrier and going on your bicycle.
    You are very resourceful, despite the evidence in your next post, the one about the tree branch.
    Luv, Kay and Dick and Lindy


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