Thursday, 23 August 2012


I don't know whether it fits this prompt perfectly, but there was only one set of photos that fit, at least in my view!

I always love watching a small, young family, especially of the animal variety. This duck family was desperately trying to get to water and was finding it rather difficult: there was a wicker wall in the way that was blocking one side of their route and people blocking another side of their route. In the end though, one of the humans (my colleague) took pity and with a firm hand and a lot of coaxing he managed to get them on the right track. After which they all took the plunge into the water. Aaaahhh...

Of course part of the whole trip to the water was to make them swim more and trust the water. Find food and grow up, become like mum! Big and strong. Quack!

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  1. Looks like Mom has her hands full with all those ducklings!

  2. The young are always cute -- even human young.

  3. How sweet mamma duck with her babies !
    You can see my "baby" here


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