Thursday, 2 August 2012


Whenever I see fuchsia plants in the Netherlands, they look small and tiny. Especially compared to the specimens I saw while travelling through Ireland. Because over there they're not necessarily garden plants, they're the hedges separating the roads from the fields. And when they grow too much, a mower comes past and mows them to a managable size again. However, within a week they are back in bloom and look absolutely great.

Fuchsias in the Netherlands don't really get the chance to become that big and that is mainly due to the weather. Because during the winter we get frost over here and they don't really like that. However, in Ireland there are hardly any frosts at all and the fuchsias thrive!

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  1. I have fuchsia's in my garden that are supposed to be able to withstand Dutch winters. They are of a very reasonable size for Dutch circumstances, but still nothing like the one in your picture.

  2. Really? I never knew they could grow so huge! Thanks for sharing!

  3. We just grow fuscias in pots for the summer if we grow them at all.

  4. Mara, I did not know that about Irish fuchsias, which don't usually grow in hedges here (SW Canada) either. It sounds like a tough plant alright!


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