Saturday, 25 August 2012

On the road

'It rains in Bergen'
Have you ever been seasick? Feeling like a dirty dish cloth and looking even worse? Well, I have and that's the reason I went to the pharmacist yesterday and asked for something to help with my seasickness. I didn't get seasick today, although I did sleep through some of the five and a half hours on board. Boy, did that stuff make me drowsy! A great sleeping aid if you ask me...

When it was dry we would have views like this
So, today I ventured out of Bergen. According to the weather reports it was supposed to be the best day of the week. And if you are a duck, it probably was. Since I am not a duck though, it wasn't too good. It started off with rain (see top photo, still taken at the quay in Bergen) and finished off with rain in Bergen. Fortunately in the middle we did have some dry spells and the sun did try its hardest, never quite making it. During the dry spells we did see enough water anyway: we were on the water for those five and a half hours!

We left at 8am and by 10am we had made it to the longest and deepest fjord in Norway: the Sognefjord. At its deepest it was 1,3km deep! That is over three quarters of a mile! Of course you can't really see that from the boat, so you just have to believe the captain when he says stuff like that. He could have been making it up of course!

Pretending to be interested: we were still in the station
After arriving in Flåm, I had about an hour to kill, so I hit the souvenir shops. There were plenty of trolls to choose from, but in the end I picked up a small hand carved wooden viking. I don't often buy souvenirs, because I would need a bigger house then, but I liked this one. The train was on time and once everybody had gotten off, we could get on. It was a lovely old fashioned one, with quite high vaulted wooden ceilings and windows you could actually open. Which proved to be a menace as much as a joy: everybody wanted to take photos out of our window! It was a great trip though, although at times very loud: some oil for the wheels wouldn't go amiss.

Sme in front of the Kjosfossen Waterfall
When I got to Myrdal, I only had to wait a few minutes before my train to Bergen arrived. Since I had a reserved seat I went in search of it and found a gentleman sitting there. He had misread his reservation: he had car 8 and not 6. I left him to it and went in search of car 8, where it turned out to be a lot quieter. I slept most of the way and arrived back in a very wet Bergen around 6pm. 

I would love to do this trip again, but then without the seasickness pills (I will take my chances) and with a companion. Oh and better weather of course!


  1. Lovely photo of you and the waterfall. I think Bergen is like England, lots of rain, but so beautiful if only the rain would go away.

  2. Sorry about the weather and getting sea sick. Glad the pills did the job. It looks beautiful.

  3. It looks like a lovely railway car.


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