Friday, 31 August 2012


As promised I will show you several photos I haven't yet shown of various things I saw on my trip last week. And the first is a photo of a giant wooden fish I found in Bryggen. This small girl showed no sign of moving out of the shot, so I decided to keep her in. She was definitely fascinated by it! The fish is probably a stockfish as they seem to call them in Bergen and was very important to the economy. It was caught in great numbers and then dried. That way they could be kept for long periods without going bad, which in turn meant they could be shipped to countries further south who had need for fish like these.
The second photo is of a manhole cover. If you look closely you can see it shows the Bryggen quarter, a ship, some clouds and the sun. Quite a few of the manhole covers in the tourist area of Bergen were like this, sometimes even the small ones. Further in town they were more regular though, although still quite pretty.
Photo number three shows you one of Norway's most well-known playwrights: Henrik Ibsen. It is quite a modernistic statue, but I must admit I quite like it. He is probably best known for his play 'Peer Gynt'.
This is it for today (I can't upload any more for some reason), but I have plenty more to show which I will do over the next few days and weeks.


  1. I took a picture of a wooden fish in Fairbanks, Alaska, which is a salmon. The girls are sitting on top of it! I haven't posted it to my blog yet; I'm quite behind in blogging!

  2. The stockfish I know very well ! It's one of the favourite plates in Northern Italy !

  3. Love each of them but that fish looks amazing!


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