Friday, 24 August 2012


View from Ulriken, which stands 643m above sea level.
Notice the lack of a fence behind me!
The last time I had an interview is over 13 years ago. To be a bit more precise: the second week of January 1999! I had just gotten my driver's license and was looking for a job then. I made my way towards a place I didn't know and it was only by sheer luck that I managed to bounce in right on time! In my memory I was out within ten minutes again, but in reality it will probably have been a bit more. Whatever it was though: I got the job. 

View from Floi, taken yesterday
So, when I got the interview for this morning I was getting more and more nervous. I didn't sleep as well and while I was waiting for my interviewer to come down (I was early), I was thinking of what I should answer and how over and over and over. I needn't have worried. She was really nice and friendly and put me at my ease immediately. She asked why I wanted to move to Norway and I completely forgot to tell her that part of it was the winters. How silly, since it is quite a big part of it. After a while she told me that my level of Norwegian was enough to actually be hired. 'If they were hiring that is'. Which they weren't. 

The cable car towers going up Ulriken 643
Now, before you all jump up and shout at the screen that she could have told me that before: she had. I knew I would be wait-listed if I were to be hired. However, I had also done a bit of homework myself and knew there were other branches of the same company and when she explained about those I told her I wouldn't mind that much if I wouldn't move to Bergen but to Haugesund (or Trondheim). She then proceeded to call to Haugesund and they did need people there!!

Self portrait on Ulriken 643
Anyway, the interview went on, she asked me about my hobbies, my life, whether I had a car, whether I had had any accidents ever(!) or damages and she explained about what the work would entail. It sounded as if I was listening to a Dutch person explaining the work at a public transport company. During the interview she also arranged a test-drive for me, which took place almost immediately afterwards. I didn't drive for long, but I guess the instructor saw enough in a short time and he let me go again in the center of town!

I now have to wait for news either from the Bergen office or the Haugesund office. But from what I felt: it's looking good. Just hoping they felt the same...


  1. Cute picture of you. Crossing my fingers. I have to say that doing the interview was a great idea, practice is important!

  2. Nice self portrait ! I cross my fingers to, because you so much want to move to Norway ! It's certainly a beautiful country without the Norvegians (if they are like those living in Waterloo ! Never generalize !)

  3. Just been reading a few of your latest posts - I remember Bergen for its rain too and the very expensive taxi ride to get out of the rain - anyhow it is looking good that you'll get a job somewhere if not in Bergen. All the best now.


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