Sunday, 26 August 2012

A bit fishy

Stop with the photos already!
I know I don't look my best...
So, I didn't feel like spending more time on a boat (especially since the wind was quite a bit stronger today than yesterday) and I didn't think I could visit another museum filled with artefacts from yesteryear. So, in the end I made my way up to the aquarium of Bergen. Which also housed penguins, two seals, a couple of sealions, a few marmosets(?), a crocodile or two, many species of snake and they even had some fish. 

Some of the penguins were molting and looked decidedly dreadful, one of the seals was busy with a plastic milk bottle and the sea lions kept disappearing in the murky water. The snakes didn't do much, the iguanas, crocodiles and caymans dito and the fish just swam. They did have some nice looking fish though: herring and salmon amongst them. Of course they also had clown fish and crabs and whatevers, but the herring and salmon were there in great numbers. 

Don't rays look funny from the bottom?
After my visit to the aquarium I went to see the area behind the hotel. A nice quiet area made up of mostly wooden houses in quiet streets and alleys. Oh, and did I tell you it was very hilly? Well, it was! Knees and hips were not happy I can tell you. I didn't take any photos there, though, I was too out of breath. Later that afternoon I took another walk through the Bryggen area, visiting every store I hadn't yet been in and that was open. 

And now I am back in the hotel. I had the cheapest meal yet, in the hotel itself. I had ordered fish, but there wasn't that much of it. Fortunately there was plenty of salad. Tonight I will take it easy and tomorrow it's back to the Netherlands. Over the course of the next week I will show some great photos I haven't shown yet and tell you a bit more perhaps. For now though: ha det bra!


  1. Looks like a fun place to visit.
    Have a safe trip home. Looking forward to your photos.

  2. It doesn't sound like the best aquarium in the world.


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