Saturday, 4 August 2012

The story of the tree and the laundry

Still a little tree, it is now much and much bigger!
Once upon a time in a land far away, there was a tiny little sapling. That sapling was left alone because the owner of the land far away couldn't be bothered to do any gardening and it grew and grew and grew. Until it became a big tree. Cats loved to climb the tree or sharpen their nails on the trunk and more and more birds realised this was a proper tree in which to sit and watch the cats go mad below.

Now, the owner of the land far away (you have probably guessed by now I am talking about my garden here) did sit behind her computer quite a bit and when she did she got distracted by one of the tree branches scraping against the house. So, she got the saw out and cut it off. Of course she got covered in sawdust and had to pay attention not to let the branch fall just anywhere: windows and cats and so forth... Once the tree branch had been cut off, she proceeded to hack off all the smaller branches only leaving the bare branch in the middle of the garden.

Then one day she decided to do some laundry. The washing machine washed and washed and when it had finished washing she took it all out and went downstairs so she could hang it outside. After all, that is the green thing to do. While she was hanging the laundry out, she noticed the big dark clouds already gathering in the distance and thought that it might rain. And about half an hour later, lo and behold: it did. Big heavy raindrops. So, she ran outside to take the laundry in. The pegs stuck, the laundry nearly fell on the ground and it just kept raining very hard.

As soon as everything had finally made its way into the laundry basket, she carried it as quick as she could towards the house, situated only 5 meters away. She didn't however pay any attention to that large tree branch which was still in the middle of the garden and she went flying! She landed smack bang thump on the ground, although she managed to keep most of the laundry in the basket, actually partly landing on top of it, probably braking some of her fall.

The worst part of it all: two minutes after she got the laundry in, it stopped raining, the sun came out and stayed out for the next hour and a half!

The moral of the story? Don't leave tree branches smack bang in the middle of the garden. It can potentially change your happy ever after...

PS: I have grazed and bruised my right knee quite badly and my left upper leg is sporting two great bruises as well. It will hopefully pass before I am a little boy!


  1. Ouch! I'm always getting bashed and bruised, because my balance isn't very good, and I don't always look down to see where I'm going, not a great combination.
    Hope you are better soon. But why do you want to be a little boy?

  2. The tree was smacking you on purpose for abusing it ....mother nature helped with her moody weather :)

  3. Ouch! Arnica is good for bruises.

  4. Oh my! Glad your didn't break anything. Did you learn a lesson here?


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