Sunday, 12 August 2012

Getting ready

After almost two weeks I cycled to work again yesterday. I had to see what the coach looked like and whether there was anything I needed to do with it before I could take it to England tonight. Fortunately a colleague of mine will be driving with it tonight and actually do the first stretch.

So, yes I am off to England tonight, to the not Olympics as I call it. A Christian Youth Festival, which had my mother in stitches when I told her (she is mean). Ah well, if all goes the way I think it might go, I will have a lot of time on my hands to do as I please: visit Norwich or even Cambridge and of course learning Norwegian. After all, I will be taking my course with me and there are plenty of words I still need to learn.

I still have my suitcase to pack though, although that is not so hard: I am after all quite used to doing so. I have a set way of packing, I have double toothbrushes and the like, so I am usually done within 20 minutes.

I also know whereabouts I will be going, so it's just a case of packing the right maps and doing a little homework before I leave tonight. Now, I will be driving all night (oh yippee!) and am not really looking forward to it, especially since I will be going South tonight and tomorrow morning I will go that very same distance North again. Talk about driving for the sake of it...

Anyway, I think it will be hardest on the monsters: they have gotten used to freedom: the door to the garden was open for most of my free time (when I was home) and they could come and go as they pleased! That will be a bit different for the next few weeks: after coming back from England I will go to Norway for a week as well!


Any weighty (and not so weighty) comments are welcome!