Tuesday, 21 August 2012


Well, I am packed and ready to go. I was going to take the bus and then the train to the airport, but my friend phoned and she works for the railroads and occasionally gets some free tickets, so now I will take another bus and another train to the airport. It will be a longer journey, but it will be good to see her again and I will be travelling on the train for free! Who am I to say no?

I am actually quite excited to go to Norway again. When I was first there I was able to get my car rented in Norwegian, but I understand so much more now. I should be able to find out which bus I need to get from the airport to the hotel in Norwegian. I didn't look it up on purpose: if I had done that I would have missed an opportunity of talking in Norwegian.

I haven't got any set plans yet, but I hope to get in touch with the buscompany tomorrow and hopefully schedule an interview. I also want to see one of the major tourist attractions in Bergen itself (Brygge) and one in the area (Flam, with a round thingy on the a). I have checked how much money I can take out and hopefully that will be enough! I have decided not to take an umbrella with me: it will not rain (she says without any conviction at all)! And if it does: I will get wet!!!


  1. Have a safe trip. The train ride sounds like fun. Hope you have enough money and it doesn't rain!

  2. Safe journey and have fun! You are so adventurous and amazingly talented to have learned Norwegian so quickly. Hope it is a highly successful trip.

  3. Enjoy yourself and good luck with your interview.


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