Sunday, 20 January 2013

Party Time!!

Sometime last week I got a phone call from our company's union rep: whether I was coming to the party yesterday? Since I was thinking he was talking about the party in Bergen (which was next month?) and I had to work both yesterday and today I told him I couldn't! But while I was at work yesterday he phoned me again: what time was I working yesterday and today? Well, early yesterday and late today, so perhaps I could go. 

He picked me up from the busstation to take me to the venue where the party would be held: only a five minutes' drive (Bergen is over three hours). I had seen on facebook that it was some sort of fancy dinner we would be attending, so I was fortunate to have changed from jeans to proper trousers. Turned out to be a real fancy dinner: men in suits and ties and women in dresses. I stood out a bit in my black trousers, but I had made the effort I could, since I don't have all my clothes here and I certainly don't own anything that fancy. 

This is NOT crème brulée!!
I met the big boss of the union (I think), there were greeting drinks, white table cloths and candles and nice food. We started off with asparagus soup, the main course was some type of meat which tasted really nice and I could use it to finish off all those sopp (or mushrooms in English) and dessert was crème brulée. Now, that is my favourite type of dessert, so you can imagine my surprise and little disappointment when the crème brulée arrived and it turned out to be a chocolate fondant with vanilla ice cream. It tasted great, but it was no crème brulée!

The live music reminded me a bit of those hotels in England.
I left early, partly because I was cold (the heating wasn't working), partly because I was tired and I guess even partly because I still wondered a bit what I was doing there (apparently a lot of the original invitees had cancelled because of illness and they needed to make up the numbers). It was a nice evening though and I had a lovely chat with a nurse-to-be, who was seated next to me. Because of the music (live) she was hard to understand though, so I had to lean in time after time to hear what she was saying. But I think I got it all or at least most of it.


  1. Well,at least you didn't have to cook for yourself . . . ;-)

  2. I like the 'ranja-en-kaakjes' party better.

  3. I think it's very nice that he insisted that you come ! Sometimes things are called different ! Mr. G ordered a Pizza with peperoni in the States and got a pizza with salami on it ! Oh horror !

  4. I feel for you, but then again, I am not a party guy.

  5. It looks like it was pretty fancy.
    I love dinners like that. Did you enjoy the food? Sorry the heat wasn't working....


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