Wednesday, 14 November 2012

R is for...

Le Relais de la Fôret, Normandie, France (March)

Bickley Manor, London, England
When I first started this job as an international busdriver, a friend of mine told me it was 'nice to stay in a hotel'. 

Ferry Newcastle-IJmuiden (Amsterdam)
Well, okay, if it's not usual, I guess it probably is. 

Best Western Bondeheimen, Oslo, Norway
But for me, it's pretty usual and in the end all the rooms start to look alike. 

Lifjell hytte, Lifjell, Norway
And in order to show you how alike, I have taken photos of every single hotel room I stayed in this year! 

Van der Valk, Eindhoven, Netherlands
Most specifically of the beds. 

Der Wilder Mann, Aschaffenburg, Germany
So you can see how not special it is to stay in yet another hotel!

PC Goussainville, near Paris, France
The rooms start to merge into one.

Étap Chevilly Larue, Paris, France
Bedcovering for one (Norway, Germany) or two (France, UK)

Hotel Seeblick, Klietz, Germany
Out in the country or in the middle of the city.

Quellenhof, Bad Helmstedt, Germany
Cheap or expensive.

Best Western Hordaheimen, Bergen, Norway
Small rooms or big rooms.

Gersfelder Hof, Gersfeld, Germany
This is the letter R for ABC Wednesday

Hotel Kaiser, Hammelburg, Germany
Why not join?


  1. Some of those beds would sure give me a back ache.
    When my hubby and I were in the convention business we stayed in many, many hotels too. Wish I had taken photos of some of the rooms. It never entered my mind.
    Great post for R.

  2. Oh my goodness ! I never did a sightseeing tour of Hotel rooms, lol !

  3. hotel living can get really OLD
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  4. Ha! That's a funny one! That's a lot of beds; some look rather uncomfortable!

  5. Guess you never know what its going to be like, some good some bad. You could do room reviews of Europe out of this-)

  6. Lots of rooms out there!

    Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

  7. That was fun! I love hotel rooms. I found traveling in Europe that most rooms were rather plain.


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