Friday, 9 November 2012


Homeless area in Rome
One of the more pertinent questions floating around ever since I announced I was actually going to move to Norway was: 'where are you going to live?' Mind you, that was also more or less the question before it was certain I had a job: 'do you have a place to live yet?' And every time I had to say: 'no, I don't!' I knew it was going to be difficult, finding a place to live, that would not cost me an arm and a leg, but still had some room to move around in. 

Of course my current colleagues had great ideas: why don't you pack up a big box! Or sleep on the back seat of a bus! And the best one I heard today (as one of my colleagues was being serious. Really!): if you don't get a place to stay, just go to a covered parking lot, pay for a parking ticket and put down your chair, your tv and everything else you own. Hm, not sure how that would go down in Norway...

Fortunately a new colleague of mine had other ideas and contacted me a week ago to ask me whether I needed help! Well, yes, I do! And yesterday he emailed me to say he had found a place. Not too expensive, one bedroom, fully furnished. It will do. At least temporarily, until I can find a place where I can get my own stuff again.

The main thing: I will not be homeless come November 27th and I have great colleagues (both here and there)!


  1. Oh, that's wonderful! I hate the thought of you in a box!

  2. I am sure you would survive well in a tent or parking lot in a Norwegian winter. Why not a tent in a parking lot? Seriously, congratulations on finding a place.

  3. You can also stay in a station and sing, so everybody will give you some money to stop singing, and then you can spent the night in a little hotel. Fortunately this question is settled now ! The big change is approaching !

  4. Hooray for the great colleagues!
    So this place he found, can you rent month to month?


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