Tuesday, 15 June 2010


After we had arrived yesterday, parked our coaches, watched the game (Netherlands-Denmark: 2-0) we went outside. After all, they weather was quite nice, although the sun had more or less disappeared. I wanted to take a walk and one of my colleagues joined me. I wanted to do the same walk I had done in January.

It was a lot easier to walk without half a meter of snow to plough through. But all of a sudden my colleague stopped me and pointed at something. Well, it took me a while to spot it myself, but I managed in the end. Then of course I had to take a photo, but I couldn't keep the camera steady enough. My colleague offered to be a support and I managed to take a photo of the deer. You will have to enlarge the photo, but it's really there!

We continued walking. High grasses, ferns and nettles everywhere and then they came out: the flies, the buzzers, the things that roam about your face and will not leave you alone! Once we had gotten back to the tarmac, we spotted a fox coming towards us, but as he spotted us, he sat down. I took a photo and realised it wasn't a fox at all; it was a hare (sigh).

We had our dinner outside and as soon as the first dish hit the table, so did the fruitflies. They were constantly hovering around our faces and extremely annoying. And I guess they weren't really fruitflies either, because when I looked in the mirror later, I saw a lot of little pinpricks in my face! And when I woke up this morning I realised I had been stung twice on my leg as well. Even though I had been wearing trousers! Awful creatures....

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  1. Oh no, I don't like getting bit.
    Love the photo, once I enlarged them I see that you really did see that deer. I don't like eating outside at all!


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