Tuesday, 8 June 2010

I love living here (!)

I don't pay a lot of rent for my three bedroom family home with garden and shed. In the last few years they have renovated my bathroom, my toilet and kitchen. They've put in new insulation and double glazing and they have not even put the rent up.

In exchange I live in the cheapest quarter of town, along with a lot of other people. And lately some of them have been in the news. Last week there was a shooting and stabbing. Both of the men involved ended up in hospital and when they were released they were arrested and put in prison. Apparently it was over a drugsdeal gone bad. As well as the two men hurt, two other men were arrested for their involvement.

Unfortunately the event was witnessed by several children (it was late afternoon) and wasn't the first time something like this happened. As a matter of fact, the house where the stabbing happened was raided by police only a week earlier!

Don't I live in a great neighbourhood?


  1. Alas some of these nasty things happen even in area considered "nice". Hope you are able to feel unattached from the hard happenings.

  2. Drugs are the roots of all evil!! Even in my small village some nasty things happen every now and then.

  3. There goes my image of the peaceful, god-fearing Dutch. Not really.

  4. Quite the dichotomy! 3 Bedroom home and drug wars. I guess there are always trade offs.

  5. You take care!! Perhaps you should owna tank for protection!!


  6. As long as you remain safe it sounds like a great deal. To bad the kids had to see that.


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