Friday 11 June 2010


This was meant to be my ABC post, but when I saw how many Umbrella-posts were going up, I had to think of another U! But it was a nice post, so here it is...

One of those contraptions that you never carry when it's raining. And when you do remember to bring it, the first time the sun comes out, you leave it behind. If you do remember bringing it anyway, the wind will get under it and break it or it will just fly off and end up in the gutter! If none of that happens, you will annoy everyone around you, because it is always in somebody else's face. Besides, it doesn't stop you stepping into big puddles...

In the photo are ten umbrellas. All belonging to me. I 'found' them on the coach a few years ago. The group I was driving all were given one, but the box contained fifty and there were only 20 people on board. I was left with thirty umbrellas. So, what to do with it? I tried selling them, but was only partly successful. I then started giving them away, but I still have around twenty left!

So, if you want an orange umbrella (for example so you can show you support the Dutch in the World Cup), why not send me an e-mail.


  1. I hesitate to ask because I know how expensive international shipping can be.

  2. I've only ever owned one brolly, way back when I was a lad in university. It blew inside out in no time flat.

  3. Are you serious? I'd love one! But I second Misfit's comment...I have no idea how much it would cost to send it to the U.S.

  4. Love these orangey umbrellas!! I try not to look at what subjects that seem to be popular. I close my eyes and post! Then I start looking at what other people have chosen.
    Yes, there are several umbrellas this week. Yes, I have also an umbrella on my U-post. But every Umbrella-post is different. Take a peek at mine!
    Best wishes,

    Anna's U-words

  5. It is all white and red here of course - I see from the other comments you may have found a market for your remaining umbrellas.


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