Tuesday, 1 June 2010


In yesterday's post you could see a photo of all those buses waiting in line to pick up all those passengers. It tends to make me a bit emotional when I see all those buses or coaches together: it is such a great sight. However, I am not so emotional I want to photograph every single one though!

There are people who are though. Every time there is a massive event like this, you will see a lot of men (I've never seen a woman) with their cameras around their neck taking photographs of every single bus that drives past. Twice, three times, ten times! They are not interested in the Army Days or whatever event is happening, they are only interested in the buses.

The two in the photo are Jos (pronounce Yos) and Erwin. They are both busdrivers themselves and travel all over the Netherlands and sometimes abroad to photograph their buses. They record where they shot them, what the event was, the number of the bus, its numberplates and the company. Busspotters were responsible for telling the company I work for that we had two coaches with the same numberplates, they will know where our old buses go to (Cuba, Africa, Surinam amongst others). Their only downside? They loved the buses and only had a single glance for the 1-month old coach I was driving...

An anorak is a spotter of any vehicle and usually considered to be somewhat sad. However, I didn't feel these men were 'sad' in any way, they only have a different hobby to me!

PS: I asked permission to take this photograph and post it.


  1. Yep, in Europe an anorak is a coat as well. A boring one: not long, not short, just somewhere in between...

  2. I thought an anorak was a hoodie, not just any old coat.

  3. We call them 'anoraks' too! In England it has become a word which means 'someone who is obsessed with something that most people might consider uninteresting or boring'. Trainspotters are 'anoraks', and so would someone be who made a detailed study of ... for instance .. telegraph poles, or used glass bottles. I think it comes from the fact that many of the early 'anoraks' actually wore these quilted nylon hooded and zipped jackets in the pursuit of their hobby! Is that the same in Holland?

  4. That is a very interesting story.
    We each have our own things that fascinate us!


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