Sunday, 13 June 2010

Feathers and caps and stuff

In March I drove a school to London for the second year. They had asked for me and so had the organization that hires the coach. In a week and a half I have to drive another school to London for the second year. They too asked for me via the same organization.

Last week I got an e-mail. Whether I would be okay staying in a guest family instead of a hotel. I didn't mind too much, provided I have my own private facilities, which I am entitled to according to my workers' agreement.

Today I opened my e-mail and there was another one: the problem was solved. I would be staying in a hotel. It was a bit dearer than planned, but I had always done outstanding work in London, so they wanted me to stay there.

Good thing I don't have to wear a hat to work: it wouldn't fit anymore!!!


  1. I image of Bobbies is forever shaken.

  2. That's a funny pictures.
    How wonderful it must feel to be requested. They like you, they really like you :)

  3. And boots I hope. Or you'll be walking next to your shoes ;-)

    Good for you! And I love the picture you've added.


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