Thursday 17 June 2010


This is called the Little Polder House and is a piece of landscape and motorway art. It was only after it was erected that they realised the size of the house fitted perfectly in the NOP. The short sides of the house are three meters and the long sides are eight meters. The plots of land given out to the first farmers were three hundred by eight hundred meters or a multiplication by two or three of that.

The little boat on top of the smoke has two functions. First of all it shows you where the wind comes from. And the second function is a bit more morbid. If there were no dykes surrounding the part of the country I live in, the little boat would be floating on top of the water instead of the smoke!


  1. You come up with the neatest things.

  2. Flevoland on the sign: I have come across that name before. Does the flevo prefix have anything to do with water because fluvial in geography is about water?

  3. You see all sorts in your travels mara. This is great, we have motorway art here too and I shall be showing one in my ABC next week. A

  4. My sister lives in the NOP and I've driven past this house many times. I love how the walls are angled in a funny, deceiving way. I didn't know the boat points out where the wind comes from and how incredibly high the water would be if...

    You'll learn something every day, and certainly when you read your posts. Very educational and entertaining.

  5. Have seen that house several times in the past. But I didn't know the story behind it.


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