Sunday, 13 June 2010


Even though I spent my weekend with my friends (yesterday) and my parents and brother and his family (today), I haven't really much to tell. I had a big dinner and two fishbowls of white wine at my friends' place. We saw three films (one with Michael Bublé and a stripping mountie?) and went to bed at 2am. I slept okay on my matrass on the floor and was woken in the end by the sun in my face and the sound of two children running around.

After breakfast my friend drove me over to my parents, because it's my father's 65th birthday today! I had made a photo book of our trip to France and both my parents loved it. My brother and his family arrived shortly after (I also had a book for them). I chatted to an uncle of mine who has recently visited Canada with his choir, I chatted to my sister in law about their upcoming and past trips. I tickled my niece, took photos of my nephew holding a bionicle (?) and had a fishy lunch.

Now I am home again. And it seems I had more to tell than I originally thought!


  1. Sounds like a crazy Canadian move with both Bublé (whom I refer to as Mikey Bubbles) and a Mountie.

  2. Friends & family = perfect! Sounds like a great weekend to me.


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