Friday, 18 June 2010

Right and wrong

Sometimes things don't go exactly to plan. Often it's the company or the passengers who mess things up. Today it wasn't their fault. But then again, you could say it wasn't our fault either.

This morning me and a colleague had to pick up 75 people to take the Airforce Days. When I arrived they were quite surprised to see me: they had only ordered one bus for sixty people. Well, our sixty-seaters were employed elsewhere, so instead there were two fifty-seaters. There were less than fifty people there, but we both did the trip anyway.

When we were due to go back home again this afternoon, we were told by a teacher there was another bus 29. I had bus 29, so that was quite strange. We soon found out what had happened.

The address we were given was Church Street (I'm making the names up, the principle stays the same) and that's where we went. However, we were supposed to be in Saturn Street. Another coach (a sixty-seater) turned up as well. The address he had been given was Moon Lane, he was parked in Saturn Street and was supposed to be in Church Street! You see what happened don't you: the other coach (from a different company) took our passengers and we took his! Isn't it brilliant?


  1. I'm confused but I guess if everyone got where they wanted to go then all was well at the end of the day.

  2. I'm confused too but then "what's new"! All's well that ended well though and that's the main thing. Hope you all had a good day. A

  3. I have left a tag for you at my blog if you would like to take it up. A

  4. As long as everybody got there and everybody got paid.


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