Saturday, 19 June 2010


I've been called a lot of things in the past. According to two people I was inhuman. Most of the teenagers on the schoolrun think I am not a very nice person (and that is putting it very very mildly) and have vocalized that using quite harsh words. My colleagues think I am a chatterbox and a piss head (mostly because I need the toilet quite often. I hope).

But today I was called old-fashioned. Not because I like brass music or knitting. But because I prefer carnations to roses. Always have done. And apparently carnations are not modern. Not in. Not hip.

So now you know: I am an old-fashioned, inhuman, &%$#%, chattering piss head. And I love me!


  1. I'm not sure what to say. I prefer roses to carnations but that doesn't make you old fashioned. I call you my friend:)

  2. Carnations are my all time favorite flower and I have a lot of flowers that I like. I like roses, but prefer carnations.

  3. I like carnations better than roses. Roses are too darn fussy.
    My favorite (this week) are the mimosas. I have never seen such wonderful colors as they are showing this year.

  4. And you thought you were the only one! There are at least two more who prefer carnations. And Prins Bernard of course.
    I have no preference. As long as they are not yellow (there are no yellow carnations) I like most flowers. And in the garden I even like yellow flowers. I even like Afrikaantjes (Tagetes). See? There are weirder ones than you.
    And I like you too ;-)


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