Monday, 14 June 2010

Monstrous Monday 1

Basically it's like the Feline Friday thing I had going quite a while back, but from now I will be doing it on Monday to coincide with my Dutch blog.

This is the sight I wake up to several times a week, provided I sleep on the left side of the bed (seen from the foot of the bed). Isn't he just gorgeous?


  1. I love waking up with a cat close by.

  2. From a fellow lefty: yes he is gorgeous.

    I hear you guys won today.

  3. He is gorgeous Mara. Lucky you - what is his name. I adore cats, they are such beautiful creatures. Have had several in my life but none now and I miss them. A

  4. He is very handsome, cute even! And orange too. Where and when does this footballmadness stop?!? ;-)

  5. Very pretty. We share our bed with Skye :)


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