Saturday, 12 June 2010

We are the champions...

If you are not a football fan (like I am), the worst thing that can happen is the World Cup. Because then every idiot comes crawling out of the woodwork to add his two cents to how they should have played and what they should have done and who should have been in the line-up.

Not only that, every single store and/or brand comes up with another 'get them all' item that you have to have. There are Beesies (Supermarket Albert Heijn), Gogos (Supermarket C1000) and bracelets. There are hard hats (Heineken), orange dresses (Bavaria) and cooling beercrates (Grolsch). Orange make-up, orange shirts, trousers, shoes, even underwear.

But to go with the flow (for this once mind, never again for football), I have dressed up in my finest, searched for anything orange in my home and taken a photo. So you can also enjoy the idiocy of football!

PS: it turned out quite dark, sorry for that.


  1. You did okay ... up until the socks. :)

  2. Don't bash the socks: they were knitted by my grandmother and go with the clogs!


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