Monday, 21 June 2010

Ironing out the creases

Sixteen shirts, three pairs of trousers, bed linen and handkerchiefs. All creaseless right now and in either the wardrobes or my green suitcase (not the bed linen, I am not taking bed linen to a hotel). And it only took me nearly a whole day. Next time I will keep up with it...


  1. I hate ironing! I hate it!! I now refuse to buy clothes that need ironing, but I still get it wrong sometimes. And what did I bring back from Venice? A pure cotton tablecloth ...

    Will I never learn?

    Glad to hear yours is all done for the moment!

  2. Whoa! Posting a shot of yourself like that could come back to haunt you. For instance, what if Perez Hilton is following your blog anoymously, right as we speak, and has just been waiting for something like this to surface??? I'm just saying. LOL!
    Did you here that?! *shoots spray starch at bush where someone might be lurking* I think we're okay now.

  3. I always iron as I go, never do any of it in advance. Pick out what I will wear and press it. If I go on a trip I will bring a travel iron with me.


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