Friday 22 February 2013

You've got mail

The one on the bottom right is 'mine'.
When I first moved to Norway I got a lot of mail. Mail forwarded from the Netherlands and mail directly from Norway. The forwarded mail contained a lot of junk mail, which went straight to the paper bin. Other mail I would look at, read and it then went into the paper bin. The Norwegian mail was mostly official stuff about my move to Norway and what forms and stuff I needed to fill out etc. 

I also got some nice packages, for which I was very grateful. It's always nice to have to wait a whole day until you can get to the post office to pick up your package! It's even nicer (!) to read on the package what's in it! Stupid customs rules!!

Lately however, the mail box has been empty. Although I say empty, it was actually chock a block, but not with anything addressed to me. Everything was for the owners of the house! And then this week, I received a  thick letter. Large as well. From a Dutch newspaper! I don't subscribe to a Dutch newspaper, so I did wonder who gave me a subscription. 

Of course, it turns out, nobody did. Which is good, since the people who know me, would also know that I don't read that newspaper. For a start it hardly has any pictures in it. Just a loooot of small letters. And secondly, it's full of Dutch news. Which is nice, don't get me wrong, but writing about carnaval or earthquakes in villages even I have never heard of, is not something I want in my newspaper. 

Anyway, the Dutch newspaper apparently got my address somehow and sent me the international weekly version. Filled as I say with news I don't want to know or that is already old. I could subscribe and get the newspaper sent to my mailbox every week. But I skimmed over the one they sent along, only reading the bit about the crown princes and crown princess of Europe, before consigning it to the paper bin. 

I think it is safe to say I won't be subscribing to it. Even if it does come with a cookbook and considering how much I want mail in my mail box (which is a hint by the way!!)...


  1. These are tough times for newspapers. They have to try hard.

  2. I was never much of a newspaper reader however my husband loves the paper on the weekend and I don't mind the Sunday ads!

  3. I sometimes wonder too from where people get my address ! I regularly receive news from a political party, I never subscribed to and in any case being German I am not allowed to vote in Belgium !


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