Wednesday 27 February 2013


If there was one thing I absolutely loathed about housework (apart from the cleaning) it was doing the dishes.  And since I had so many plates (about 20) and mugs (nearly 100), I didn't need to do the dishes that often. Of course, when I had run out of plates and mugs, it would take me over two hours to do the dishes!! Then I got rid of most of my plates and mugs, but I still didn't like doing the dishes. 

When they redid my kitchen a few years ago, I got myself a dishwasher. Whoever invented that, should get a medal! It was brilliant. I loved it. And then I moved again. This time to Norway. To a small apartment. With a cooker and a fridge, a micro wave and a washing machine. But no dishwasher. There was talk about it being installed in January, but it's now nearly March and I still have no dishwasher. And I still don't like doing the dishes by hand either.

But today I had to do them. There were plates all over and they were all dirty. It took me nearly an hour, but everything is clean again. I think I will have to do some serious saving to get myself a dishwasher in the new house... 


  1. I live with a woman who must have a clean sink before she goes to bed. It's a good practice really.

  2. I agree with you ! the one who had invented the dishwashers earns a golden medal ! I had always a dishwasher even before a washing machine (my mother did our laundry) Now since Mr. G. is retired he washes the dishes for the dishwasher ! I can't even leave a coffee spoon for a minute, he has washed it already ! Phew ! Want me to send him over to do your dishes ??

  3. Your too funny! I can't stand dirty dishes so I was as I go and also load the dishwasher and run it once a week. Will you have one in your new home?

  4. Put them in soak as you finish with them then the washing up is not nearly so arduous . . .


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