Monday, 25 February 2013


How not to get sick? Sit in front!
Reading yesterday's post again I just realised how completely boring it all sounds! Get on bus, get on ferry, get on bus, walk, get to meeting, walk, get on bus, get on ferry, get on bus, home. It would have been only one line! And yet...

Tunnels and bridges are very important in Norway!
The busride certainly wasn't boring. I had never been to Bergen by bus before, having flown in in August last year. So, it was a treat for me just to sit on the bus and look at the surroundings. Me getting a bit queasy before we had even properly left Haugesund was only due to the oldness of the bus (smell) and the road, which was full of curves and ups and downs and the occasional bad road surface. 

The view of Bergen from the bus was a bit blocked on the way back
(I must admit though, I prefer the stretch from Haugesund to Stavanger (south) to the stretch from Haugesund to Bergen (north). Mainly because the route south is a lot more open. But it was still interesting to drive north.) 

You never know what you're going to see when walking around
On arriving in Bergen we had to walk through town and it was nice. I recognised buildings and stuff and quite enjoyed it. I knew where I had gotten off the bus on my test drive. I recognised the park in which I sat while calling my Mum to tell her the news that the interview had gone well. 

Frank Aarebrot
The meeting itself was really interesting as well. Frank Aarebrot has quite strong views and he knows his stuff. Even if he looked a bit scruffy! Probably the professor in him!! It was really interesting to hear him talk about politics, because even though I will not be allowed to vote in Norway's upcoming general election, the stuff he talked about fit very well in the Netherlands too!

When we were waiting for the ferry in the morning, this is
what I saw: a lorry from near to where I used to live!!
Whenever I have been to any type of meeting in the Netherlands and there had been a break, you could get coffee or tea and a small wrapped cookie or a piece of simple vanilla cake. Here, it was a completely different story: sandwiches, fruit, fruitsalad, chocolate cake, strawberry mousse, waffly pancakes, several other types of cake, crisps and a lot more! Amazing! Of course I had left my camera in the meeting room and needed fresh air, so no photo of that. Next time though...

Sunset over the fjord
The return journey later that day was a lot of fun as well. I had one of the front seats this time and did not feel queasy at all. Well, not due to the road or the bus anyway (I had a few glasses of wine though). Arriving at the ferry we had to wait a bit and in the mean time the sun was slowly setting. When it arrived we got on and as it left the port again I took a photo of the last bit of sun! Beautiful. Although the photo doesn't do it justice in any way, shape or form. 

And that was my Saturday. A bit less boring like this wouldn't you say?


  1. Not boring! The views are so pretty. I would definitely need to sit in the front of the bus, too!

  2. Sounds like a good day and the scenery does look lovely.


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