Monday, 4 February 2013

Cruising along

And here I was thinking Irish roads were narrow!
I have been driving for little under a month now and am enjoying it a great deal. I have a shift sheet, which means I am on a six week rota: every week, the rota starts anew and I do the same shifts again. Within that rota I have morning, evening and day shifts, although the latter aren't that common. The day shifts are usually very early morning and the evening shifts finish late at night. Some shifts I will do for several days in a row, other shifts are a one off during the six week period.

Last week and this week I have a shift that starts in a tiny hamlet. I call it that and I think I may be a tiny bit optimistic in using that word! From that hamlet I drive to another hamlet. I do all that in the dark. In all types of weather! On narrow roads. Very narrow roads. A road with a bus on it. And that's it! No more room for anything else!! 

If you don't believe it, check out the following address on google maps: Stakkestadvegen 231, Tysvær, Rogaland, Norway and use streetview! Imagine me, in my bus, on that road, in the dark, while it's raining or snowing and a bit pressed for time! Oh, and with kids on board!! A good thing about those roads is that the locals know about the bus. So, they won't go out in their cars until they have seen the bus pass. Because I sure as Huckleberry am not going to back down that road!


  1. Aren't computers wonderful! I went to Google Earth and saw the road. Narrow, yes, but beautiful, except you're driving in the dark! Sounds like you're really at home over there. Great going!

  2. OMG. Does a bus FIT on that road? And it isn't a case of one-waytraffic? (Allright, allright, I know the answer already...but still. Horrific! I wouldn't want to go by bicycle on that 'road'.)

  3. I did go to Maps and drove that road for awhile. Yes, it is very narrow, twisty and rural.

  4. I wouldn't call this a street ! it's just a little way ! My goodness and that in a bus ! Bravo !

  5. Oh my word! I couldn't do that. We did something like that in a motor home years ago but it had two lanes. Be safe....


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