Wednesday, 13 February 2013


When I first got my contract several months ago, I was a bit shocked to see I would have a six month probation period. Six months!! That was a lot. In the Netherlands I had only had a month and I nearly didn't make it through that month! But, I felt that moaning about the probation period might just diminish my chances of actually getting the job, so I signed and moved to Norway.

Now, during my six month probation I will have two evalution chats. The first one was today with the personel manager. She is new, thought my last name was my first name (?) and we talked for about half an hour. I think. She asked me how I was doing and whether I was enjoying myself. Whether I had any troubles with the routes or the general driving. And how long I was thinking of staying. I told her about France, my cats and yes, I had knitted my hat myself. 

In another few months I will have another chat. Then it will be with my team leader. And in May, if things go well, my probation period will be over and I get to stay until I decide I don't want to stay any longer. Or until I retire. Which can be anytime after 67, which is the official age, but I have several colleagues who are over 70 now.

Anyway. I get to stay. For now. And I trust myself enough I will be able to stay come May. 


  1. It sounds as though you are fitting in well and will be there for as long as you want to be.

  2. In Belgium there is a 3 months "trial" period. I am sure you 'll make the 6 without a problem ! 70 years old Bus drivers ? Geez, I hope they are in good health, lol ! I shouldn't say anything because I still drive my car with pleasure and my 92 year old neighbor did it until he died last year ! However not a bus.

  3. Sounds like it went pretty well. You know I wish you all the best.
    My husband hopes to work until 70 and I pray he can :)
    Happy Valentine's Day!


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