Friday, 15 February 2013

House call

The owner's big fat and fluffy cat: Sofie
Norwegians love pets. I see so many cats running around. Big, fat and fluffy cats. Used to the outdoors, but nearly all wearing a collar, so they do have homes. I also see a lot of dogs being walked. Small dogs with coats and big dogs with coats. Oh, and lights. Because it gets a bit cold over here (hence the coats) and it gets dark early (hence the lights and/or reflective gear). 

Norway is a big country. Lots of space. Not so many people. Compared to the Netherlands of course. Where it was small and a lot of people. But, where I lived in a three bedroomed house in the Netherlands, I now live in a basement flat with one bedroom and hardly enough room to swing a cat! Which I can't have here, so it doesn't matter that I can't swing one! I do want my cats though, because I miss them. They are still young (well, 11 and 15) and I think they might do quite well over here. 

Lots of room, albeit with a lot of rock
So, since I don't want to live in a small one bedroomed basement flat for the rest of my life, I had to start looking for a different place. One with at least 2 bedrooms. Which was quite easy. There are plenty of those around. Although some of them don't have room to swing a flea in them, they are that small. However, one stipulation I get over and over and over is: ikke røyk, ikke dyr. No smoking, no animals. 

And then I saw a place advertised and I knew it would be perfect. For starters it is in a really quiet area. And when I say quiet, I mean out of town quiet. Middle of the fields quiet. Close to the sea quiet! It has two bedrooms. Which I want. And the rent isn't extortionately high. I don't know whether they will allow animals, but they do want a long term renter, so I have my hopes up. 

It will be a tad smaller than Buckingham Palace.
I hope!
Tomorrow I will get the help of one of my colleagues so I can get over there (the bus is too early going in and way too late going back). I won't be the only one viewing the property, but I am sure as helter-skelter going to try and get it. Because I sort of fell in love with it!



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