Saturday, 16 February 2013

The house

A lot of people want this place
On Thursday I had several trips past the house and every time I saw it, I fell a little bit more in love with it. It is situated next to a road, but it is such a quiet road that I think I can safely say there is less traffic on that road then there was on the road outside my home in the Netherlands. There was however a little problem with getting there for the viewing. How to get there?

In the end I resorted to my friend Facebook and asked the question if anybody could help me out. And within hours one of my colleagues had offered to drive me there! So, this afternoon we went to see the house. 

The back of the house. The small window at the top is
from the single bedroom, the door at the bottom leads to a
full height cellar.
Now, from the outside it looks really nice and new. From the inside it's a bit older. But it was a charming place nonetheless. Although I did say to my colleague I hoped they would take all the animal heads and skulls out! Not really my decorating choice. There was a living area and a dining area. A kitchen and the bathroom from that kitchen. A hallway with the stairs going down to the cellar (which is HUGE) and up to the first floor. On the first floor there were two bedrooms: one double and one single. I could house my bed in the double room, although it might get a little cramped for my wardrobe. There is however a space under the eaves that would be perfect for that. My clothes that is, not the wardrobe. 

The single room is very small, but would house a low single bed. In the hallway there were a few smaller cupboards and closets. Outside there is quite an area: I think probably three to four times the amount of space then the space I had in the Netherlands. 

View over the road and towards the sea from the
double bedroom
So, will I get it? A big question and I think the answer most probably is no. I won't. Because there were dozens of people milling about viewing the place. Actually when we arrived there were so many cars we had to park on the busstop, 20 meters from the house! But I do like the place. It might be a bit old in places, but I fell even more in love with it than I already was. 

I don't know when I will hear, I hope soon. Because it would be perfect for me (and for my family and friends: a place to drink wine in...) and for the cats! So much space to run around in outside they would never get back in! 

Fingers and everything else crossed!!!


  1. Mara, it looks so charming and definitely a setting that I would love to live in someday. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

  2. It looks lovely! I bet you could keep a cow or two or maybe some goats with that cellar with a door outside. Just think! Fresh milk or goat's cheese!

  3. Will the cats be alright without a fence?


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