Tuesday 19 February 2013

The house part 2

No, this is not my friend. It's me!
I have a friend. She is wise and kind (and sometimes has a funny mean streak). She stepped in when I needed a home for my cats. She gave me the key to her house and her car so I could go and see them before my move. She will be visiting in May. Together with her son. And they will fly to Stavanger just in case I would have a new home. So they could bring the monsters along as well. Which they won't. Since I won't have a new home in time. 

Not by much though. Because... (drumroll please)...

I got the house!!!

Yes, tonight I got a phone call. Apparently I stood out more than any of the other applicants and if I was still interested, she would like to offer me the house. I was whooping on the bus I can tell (I was at work!).

I have to give three months notice at my current address and won't be able to move into the house until May, so it will be one month double rent. But I can live with that. 

Until then however, I will need to do a lot. Mainly a car. It might be situated next to a busstop, but there aren't that many buses coming past. Especially not at 5am in the morning! I will also need some furniture. I mainly have cupboards and wardrobes and some folding chairs. Oh, and my comfy chair of course. But I will need some more, like a kitchen table and possibly even some white goods. 

For now though, I am just very excited. 


  1. And I am excited for you! I love it!

  2. Oh yea!!! Good for you Mara. I'm so pleased for you. It is a lovely cute little house. Beautiful. Now you have to buy the sheep, goat or cow:):):)




  4. Youpee ! Congratulations ! What a nice house, even with a little one for the cats besides, lol ! It looks very nice ! You are a lucky girl. Furniture you can buy slowly, slowly, when the kitchen is OK and you have a bed for you and the cats, it's all you need for a start ! If you buy a car, try to buy it in the Netherlands, it's certainly cheaper there ! Here the Scandinavians buy the car in Belgium before they move back to their country.

  5. Congratulations. The cats will be coming. The cats will be coming.

    BTW, I heard a Norwegian expression on a language program yesterday. "It's raining female trolls." We say "cats and dogs" here, but they went thru the equivalent expression for many countries. Naturally, my ears perked up when they came to Norway.


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